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Smith Optics, A Fisherman’s Best Friend

Smith Optics

Smith Optics doesn’t need any introduction to the fishing world, but are you aware of the new advances in polarized technology that could take your fishing game to the next level? The new Smith ChromaPop lenses are revolutionary! In the words of Smith Optics “Quite simply, ChromaPop Lens are the most advanced polarized lenses in the world and they allow you to see truer color, faster to maximize your visual experience of the world around you.  By blocking color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, ChromaPop is able to eliminate color confusion, so your brain is recognizing truer color, faster. ChromaPop optimizes color and increases clarity, enabling you to see the outside world with an unparalleled level of vibrancy.” So what does this mean for your fishing? Decreased glare on the water and better contrast of objects (fish) underwater! ChromaPop lenses are lighter than regular glass lenses and are available on most of the popular Smith frames.

Although ChromaPop is the new rage, Smith has been a favorite for decades for their great customer service, lifetime warranties, and of course awesome, functional, and comfortable sunglasses. In the fishing world lens color is always a popular topic. Here are a few options below:

A Mossy Creek guide favorite is the Polarchromatic Ignitor lens. This is a bright rose colored lens that not only brightens the world around you but eliminates more glare off the water than most comparable lenses and also gives you the contrast necessary to spot fish on rocky stream bottoms, saltwater flats, or big rivers.

Polarchromatic amber is a great option for dark days or fishing dark hollows in the mountains with thick forested canopies. This lens will help brighten up indicator posts or strike indicators to ensure an good drift every presentation!

Grey and mirrored lenses are good for super bright days and fishing lakes or blue water. These lenses offer superior protection from reflecting light and dramatically reduce glare.

Amber, copper, and brown lenses have always been a favorite of anglers. We have introduced guides and anglers to our favorite lenses. The more popular lenses seem to still be glass-polarchromatic ignitors (the bright rose) and the new ChromaPops! Stop by the shop and check out all of Smiths favorite frames and lens choices!

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