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Each year there is a migration of everyone and everything fishing. The venue- IFTD – ICAST.

The top dealers, guides, media, outfitters, manufacturers, reps, and distributors are all in one place.

This years trade show proved to be the largest fishing event ever held in the history of the world.

That is correct, the largest fishing tradeshow EVER! Take a moment and allow that to digest. Imagine drinking a beer and meeting Larry Dalhberg, Flip Pallot, Bill Dance, Chico Fernandez, Left Kreh, April Vokey, and so many more all under one roof. If that isn’t impressive enough, imagine now meeting the fishing staffs, managers, reps, pro staffers, and execs of every major fishing company. This is the single most important venue for anyone in the fly fishing or fishing business and why Mossy Creek will continue to support this show in the future.

We get a lot of questions about what goes on at IFTD(International Fly Tackle Dealer) Show every year and why we would spend a week away from home in expensive hotels, paying $50 for a 5 minute cab ride, or $65 for breakfast for 2 before the show every morning. First and foremost, business. The networking opportunities are endless at IFTD. Everyone from the fly fishing  world is in attendance. We arrange advertising opportunities, brainstorm article ideas, TV show and video possibilities. We speak with industry reps and designers to learn the tech that goes into each and every product and why it stands out and if it is important for our local market. We get to meet, shake hands, and work deals with the manufacturers and business owners. IFTD brings in the top tier dealers, outfitters, and guides from all over the world. This gives us a unique opportunity to see what other businesses are doing well and where we may be lagging behind in our business model. Every aspect of the show allows attendees to gather information and create a much better business plan.

‘Building A Better Business” Seminar

IFTD is a motivator. From the seminars to the Drake Film Awards, the energy, after dinner parties, and information, the inspiration is all encompassing. Seminars are held daily throughout the week by business professionals that focus on different facets of your business. Payroll, point of sale, accounting, purchasing, staffing, marketing, SEO and web traffic, ect. The seminars alone are worth the price of admission. What’s the price of admission? The entire show and all seminars are FREE to retailers, guides, manufacturers, and media that are AFFTA members. Members are responsible for travel and lodging, a small price to pay for the value of having their entire industry in one spot.

Smith Optics held a great industry party. We met Smith partners from all over the world and rocked out to a great 80’s band

The Drake Awards have always been a popular attraction. For the past 9 years Tom Bie and The Drake Magazine team hand selects all the best fly fishing films to be viewed and voted on at IFTD. The film awards gives everyone insight into fly fishing across the world and how anglers continue to push the boundaries in this sport. From experience we can say that we leave The Drake Awards pumped up to become better anglers, guides, and industry leaders.

Reflecting on last years Drake Film Awards. When Blood Knot won best freshwater and film of the year, our business changed forever! What an amazing experience! We can’t thank AFFTA, The Drake, and all of the sponsors enough.

As a specialty retailer, we find that one of the biggest benefits is finding those products that will really set us apart from the competition. New cool fly tying gadgets and materials, a new fly pattern, new hooks, lines, or accessories….this place has it all. Understand that many of the smaller manufacturers can’t afford national sales representatives, but most afford to attend IFTD! We get to not only find these products but get the full story on how and why it was developed and shake hands with the person that designed the item.

Fishpond continues to amaze us with their incredible products. Want to enhance your yeti? Screw in this gem and hold all your essentials(beer included) on your next float down the river!

In conclusion we want to thank every single manufacturer, media publication, guide, speaker, industry rep, all of the independent dealers, and the hard working team at AFFTA for the success of IFTD 2015. Attendance was phenomenal and feedback has all been positive. This is great news folks. The fly fishing industry is healthy and on the rise. Mossy Creek will continue to support all industry shows and functions to help better serve our customers and fishing clients! We are already looking forward to IFTD 2016! Below you will find some other great images from our time at the show.

The ASA state of the industry breakfast. This is where all of the industry leaders meet before the show kicks off every year.

Brian makes a visit to the Abel booth to recreate his chaotic battle with a monster pelagic. Thanks for the support of our film ‘Tidewater’ coming out in 2016!

The DeYoung booth received quite a bit of attention with his tarpon brownie. He won a new product award as well for his beer mugs. Fancy that, a beer item wins an award at a fly fishing show….

The boys at RIO make a clean sweep again. Best freshwater and best saltwater lines. The mad scientists behind line, leader, and tippet development are incredible out in Idaho! Thanks to Rio for coming to the show every year and pumping out such great products.

Brian learning about Scott Fly Rods new Meridian and the secrets to how it took best saltwater rod and PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015! Great job to Jim Bartschi and the Scott crew!

Shawn, Orvis rod building wizard, accepting Gray’s Sporting Journal best of the best award for the Superfine fiberglass fly rods! Keep up the excellent work Shawn and the Orvis crew!

Justin from Bonefish Tarpon Trust, Neville from Thomas and Thomas Rods, Colby Trow from Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and the Alphonse Fishing crew from the Indian Ocean all run into each other in one spot!