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Cramer on Casting – Line Control


Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

The words “line control” apply to a lot of different situations. What I’m going to focus on is what happens when you fly hits the water.

The absolute first thing that has to happen when the fly hits the water is the fly line in your line hand needs to be transferred to your rod hand.

Pure and simple, case closed!

If you can close your eyes and clap your hands together, you can do this. You shouldn’t have to look down to do it. Open your forefinger on your rod hand and stick the line in it. That way you have control of the line as soon as it hits the water and can start stripping the slack in or set the hook if a fish grabs it. Most of the time I have the line in my rod hand before the fly hits the water.

Over the years I have seen thousands of fish missed by fisherman because they didn’t have control of their line. Their fly hits the water, a fish grabs it and they stand there fumbling around trying to get control of their line. You never know, it could be the biggest trout of your life and you are there looking for your line!

Once you have the line in your rod hand you strip it with your line hand from behind your rod hand. When a fish grabs your fly you lift the rod tip, pull the line with your line hand. If you don’t let it out of your rod hand, it will be right where you want it.