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Cramer on Casting – Shooting line

Bob Cramer

Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

The main reason for shooting line is to get more distance. It isn’t necessary to do this for 30-40 foot cast in most cases. If you can’t cast that far without shooting line, you need to work on your basic cast.

Shooting line occurs on the final stoke of the forward cast. When you stop on the presentation stroke of the forward cast, you release as much line as the cast will carry out there.

When shooting line to increase distance, change the direction of your loop. Think about throwing a football. If you throw a bullet pass it can only go so far before it hits the ground. If you throw it higher, it will travel further before it hits the ground. Learning to send the direction of your loop up a little when you shoot line will certainly increase your distance.

When you shoot line, try not to let go of the line completely. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a fisherman shoot line and the instant the fly hits the water a giant trout sucks it in. The fisherman stands there trying to gather up and get control of his line and the fish is gone, never to be seen again, at least not that day anyway. Make a hoop with your line hand fingers and let the line pass through your fingers(like a guide on the rod). Once the line hits the water you are still in complete control of your fly line.