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Cramer on Casting – Casting from a position of power

8.5 Pound Prespawn Largemouth
8.5 pound prespawn largemouth

Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

In the course of a days fishing, you may make hundreds of casts and many more false casts. Bending the rod on each cast requires physical effort. The goal is to make your cast with as little physical effort as possible and let the rod do more of the work.

Try this.

Find something you can hold in one hand that weighs a couple pounds, maybe a brick or a rock, anything that has a little weight. Pick it up and extend your arm straight out in front of you. See how long you can hold it that way.

Doesn’t take too long before your arm starts sinking and getting tired.

Now, bring your elbow in close to your body and see how long you can comfortably hold it. Pretty much all day! The closer you have your elbow to your side, the stronger you are. Just a fact of how our arm is designed to work.

Since you are stronger with your elbow close to your side it stands to reason that you will be able to get the rod to bend more easily if you keep your elbow in a power position, close to your side.

Your elbow does not have to be locked against your side but the more you extend your arm, the more effort is required to bend the rod. This will also help you minimize rod movement making your casting stroke more compact and precise.

Next practice session, give it a try and see what you think.