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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 3/4/2015

Deep Freeze Mossy Creek Brown Trout From The Weekend.
Deep Freeze Mossy Creek Brown Trout From The Weekend.

Nasty weather continues this week in the Shenandoah Valley.

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

We are still dealing with quite a bit of ice and big chunks along the Shenandoah and James Rivers. The icy conditions mixed with rain, sleet, and snow, and very cold temps again Thursday night will make some pretty brutal conditions again this week. We are hoping that the mild temps early next week will free up the water and allow us for some late winter season musky and BIG smallmouth bass fishing. We will post reports again for the big rivers after the weather system clears out this week. Our guide crew is currently cleaning up boats and repacking gear for the upcoming season! Only a few more weeks folks, or so we hope!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Some of the higher altitude brook trout streams still have quite a bit of ice and snowpack. The warm weather early this week did free up quite a few streams and despite the wind and cool water temps, the fishing has been pretty good. As temps hit the 40’s next week much of the snow and ice should clear out of the mountains allowing for easier access and better fishing in the Shenandoah National Park and GW Forest. Tie up some Killer Bugs, Ck Nymphs, Nitro Caddis, Pink Weenies and load your vest with split shot and your favorite strike indicators and get ready for some excellent brook trout fishing. We are excited to see some caddis popping and quill gordons showing up soon!

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

Susie Q Farm has been fishing well through this nasty spell. BWO’s on top and midges and big streamers have been producing some very nice fish. Mossy has been running stained with about 10 inches max of visibility but some big giant fish are moving on streamers. We are fishing 6 weight rods, heavy fluorocarbon tippet and short leaders. The name of the game as usual is cover as much water as you can and seek out the hungry ones! Beaver Creek had some incredible BWO hatches last week and more fish were caught on dries than sub surface. Beaver Creek may become a bit stained later this week after all the rain and snow melt. Be sure to have plenty of nymphs like Killer Bugs, Ck Nymphs, and San Juan Worms with you! Streamers will always crush in this time of year and will help you search out some of the bigger fish. Help us spread the word folks!!!! – GET YOUR MOSSY CREEK, BUFFALO CREEK, and SOUTH RIVER PERMITS ONLINE 24/7 FREE!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK!!! BEAVER CREEK PERMITS HAVE CHANGED LOCATION! Store name: 257 Grocery Store location: 6939 Briery Branch Road, Dayton, VA. This store is located 2 miles from the Ottobine Country Store. If on 257 at the intersection at Ottobine, take a left and remain on Rt 257. Cross Beaver Creek and follow for just over 1 mile. 257 Grocery will be on your left. This store opens at 5AM on weekdays and 6AM on Saturdays. They have the 4 permits for $10 like before. They are a great family owned store. Buy breakfast or lunch and we can be sure the permits will have a permanent home! Thanks for everyone’s patience through this short transition. And thanks to 257 Grocery for taking management of the permits!

Managed Trout Water

Be sure to check USGS gauges before you head out. Many still show ice and low flows. VDGIF is still out stocking every week when they can. The weather has been brutal this winter. Warm weather is right around the corner and we will post the best fishing streams once the conditions improve and reports start flying in!