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Abel – Crafted For Chaos!

Crafted For Chaos

Abel makes some of the coolest fly fishing gear and gadgets that have ever been imagined. Fully functional artistic genius backed by world class customer service. We have put Abel products to the most serious test of all, Marlin. What we found is that these USA made products truly are


We want to THANK Abel for their support and sponsorship of our new Virginia based saltwater film. Their reels and tools have been performing flawlessly and you will be amazed at the stopping power these reels put on a fully charged white and blue marlin! The ad they created above is actually of Brian Trow mid battle with a leviathan on the 12W.  Keep an eye out for sneak peeks into our new film throughout the year.


It’s hard to argue…..this is the coolest fly fishing accessory that has been made….ever.

When Abel introduced these Nippers in 2010, many scoffed at the idea of such a hardy, over-built tool, capable of cutting heavy mono and thin tippet with equal ease. Remember, all Abel tools are meant to last a lifetime! As such, the scoffs quickly turned into respect and the replacement of many a pair of cheaper nippers. Guides and casual anglers both fell in love with the sharpness and precision of the replaceable steel jaws with built in hook-eye cleaner. The ergonomic shape coupled with precision machining in the T-6061 T6 aluminum yielded the best ‘in-hand’ nipper ever manufactured for grip and ease of use. The other, quite obvious feature that helps the Abel Nipper stand out, is their availability in any custom color or graphic, making them truly stand out from the crowd.

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Abel is – and has always been – at the forefront of innovation and design in the flyfishing industry.  Their new hemostats are another perfect example of our ingenuity.  Unlike the standard hemostats that automatically lock the instant you close them, the new Abel Hybrid Hemostats feature a unique locking mechanism that only engages when you want it to.  It utilizes a precision thumb lock on the top of the handle.  Old fashioned “classic” hemostats can then be anything but simple to unlock – especially with cold, wet fingers while holding a slippery fish. But with the Hybrid Hemostat, it’s as easy as pulling a trigger to release the locking mechanism.  A quick squeeze of the ergonomically designed handles or sliding back the sleek thumb lock is all that’s needed to unlock the jaws.

The stainless steel jaws are not only designed for easy hook removal, but also pinching down even the tiniest of hook barbs – perfect for those who enjoy safely releasing a fish as much as catching it. These jaws are not only replaceable, but guaranteed for life. Visit your local Abel dealer and try a pair – it is the hemostat redefined.

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It took awhile, but fly reel manufacturer and creative machine shop Abel Automatics, Inc. has streamlined, modernized and perfected the ubiquitous tool found on virtually every fly fisher’s vest: the zinger. Used to hold nippers, clippers, de-barbing pliers, fly floatant, scissors or magnifying glasses – to name a few – within easy reach on a retractable spool, the tools have been most notable for breaking or falling apart at the most inopportune time.

Abel’s made-in-the-USA Zinger boasts stainless steel and 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum construction and is designed with the option to either attach to a vest using a screw mechanism or utilize the included “S” carabiner to clip it to a D-ring on a vest or sling pack. The 36-inch retracting cord is manufactured from a spectra-nylon blend with 40-pound test strength, ensuring an angler’s ability to reach wherever it is needed without breakage – the number one complaint with plastic “bargain” retractable spools.

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Available since 1999 in a size for every fish that swims, the Abel Super Series has proven itself time and again as the premier American-made reel. While there have been various improvements and adjustments over the years, there are things that have never changed. Specifically, a super-smooth, infinitely adjustable cork drag married to a strong, lightweight aluminum frame and large spool for increased line retrieval speed. This drag is what makes the Super Series equally at home on the trout stream, the salt flats, and demanding deep blue water: it can be set light enough to protect the finest tippet but also can also be cranked down to ‘stop a sub’ power to slow the fastest bluefin. No matter what species you prefer to chase, a Super Series reel is there to help you land it!

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