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Fishing Report 2/18/2015

Mossy Creek Virginia
Mossy Creek Virginia

Cold Weather? What cold weather!?!

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

The James and Shenandoah are still flowing…..under a nice layer of snow covered ice! The cold temps will have us taking a fairly long breather from any winter smallmouth and musky trips. Now is a great time to stock your boxes up with all your favorite patterns for spring! CK BAITFISH, CLAWDADS,  CLOUSERS, WIGGLE MINNOWS, TROW MINNOWS, HALF AND HALFS, MURDICH MINNOWS, and POPPERS, should be on your tying list! We will sound the alarm when the ice is gone and we are back on the rivers!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Time to give the mountain streams a break in this extreme cold! Hiking can be a bit treacherous and many streams have ice coating most of the fishable runs and pools. Spring will be arriving in 3-4 weeks. It won’t be long! Give us a call if you are interested in booking a trip to one of our favorite spots in the mountains for some spring time wild trout fishing!

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Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

Beaver Creek and Mossy Creek are running in the low 40’s but are free from ice! Fishing this week will be pretty brutal but Sunday is looking decent with temps hitting the mid 40’s for about 1 day. The 10 day forecast is still looking grim, but if you need a fix, give the spring creeks a try. Take some FLUOROCARBON TIPPET to get your flies down deep and hide any possible leader flash. We recommend 2-3X with heavy flies. Near Nuff Sculpins, Crystal Buggers, and Slump Busters are great winter time flies. Bounce them on the bottom in the deep channels to get them in sight of the big boys hanging out under the moss. Cover as much water as you can seek out the big boys! Standard Nymphs with split shot under strike indicators will work now through the springtime at Beaver Creek when you don’t see fish rising to small BWO’s and Midges. Susie Q Farm is open and booking heavily into summer. We have enjoyed some great midge fishing out there this winter. If you have Susie Q booked, be sure to check with us about stream conditions before you head out so you can load up on the proper flies for your day.


GET YOUR MOSSY CREEK, BUFFALO CREEK, and SOUTH RIVER PERMITS ONLINE 24/7 FREE!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK!!! BEAVER CREEK PERMITS HAVE CHANGED LOCATION! Store name: 257 Grocery Store location: 6939 Briery Branch Road, Dayton, VA. This store is located 2 miles from the Ottobine Country Store. If on 257 at the intersection at Ottobine, take a left and remain on Rt 257. Cross Beaver Creek and follow for just over 1 mile. 257 Grocery will be on your left. This store opens at 5AM on weekdays and 6AM on Saturdays. They have the 4 permits for $10 like before. They are a great family owned store. Buy breakfast or lunch and we can be sure the permits will have a permanent home! Thanks for everyone’s patience through this short transition. And thanks to 257 Grocery for taking management of the permits!

Managed Trout Water

VDGIF has been out stocking all of your favorite streams and rivers this winter. Right now many of the freestone streams are beginning to freeze completely over and there doesn’t look like much relief this week. I would stick to the spring influenced creeks and streams until warmer weather arrives. VA stocks streams until the end of May so you will have a little over 3 months to get your fill on these waters.