Mossy Creek

There have been a lot of great stream restoration jobs going on around the Valley the past couple of years.  Many of theses projects are due to the efforts of Trout Unlimited.

A few years ago the Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited hired a full time Home Waters initiative coordinator for the northwestern part of the state, Seth Coffman. His main job has been to organize TU chapters, prioritize projects, apply for funding, and see these projects through.  In my opinion he has done an amazing job.

That is the reason I contacted Seth about Mossy Creek.  I live on Mossy, and have seen first hand the problems with siltation, erosion, and loss of habitat on the creek. Seth agreed that Mossy was long over due for some repairs.

The location of my house today was under water for over 200 years.  The Mossy Creek dam still stands just a few hundred yards downstream.  One reason that the banks are in such bad shape here is because there was so much silt that backed up behind the dam.  When the lake was drained more than 80 years ago, the creek cut down through the silt. Agricultural use and floods have also contributed to bank problems all along the creek.

Seth applied for money to remove the dam, and restore about a third of a mile of Mossy. We were delighted to hear about a year ago that we received the money that we needed. The project is set to start this spring.

The stretch being restored is at the lower parking area on Mossy near route 42.  This stretch of water has been open to the public for over 30 years and will affect 3 properties.

I encourage anyone who has never seen a job like this done to check it out when it gets started over the next few weeks.  The creek will be narrowed, deepened, banks sloped back, habitat added and vegetation planted.  This job will benefit the trout, the creek, and you.

As soon as we know the date that they are too break ground I will post it on the blog and website.

If you happen to see Seth on the creek, make sure you tell him what a great job he is doing.

Happy Fishing,

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