10th Year Open House Schedule




Come join us this coming Saturday to celebrate 10 fun filled years of fishing, fly tying, conservation, and education! We will have presentations, raffles, demos, BBQ, drinks, fly tying, industry reps, and more all day from 9-6.

This will be our biggest event to date! This event is FREE to everyone. Bring your friends and family for a fun filled day.


9AM-10AM - Meet and greet with Gary Borger! Bring your books folks, Gary would be happy to sign them for you. Learn about his recent fishing trips and where he is going next!

10:30-11:30AM - Gary will be giving his presentation called 'REALLY MATCHING THE HATCH'. Do you think you know how to 'match the hatch'? Think again! Gary will give you the tools and tricks to really gain an edge over the most selective of fish!

12-12:45PM - Dusty Wissmath will be giving a great presentation on Fly Fishing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Learn about all the hotspots you may not know about for your next visit out west!

12:45 - 2:30PM - Gary Borger will be tying flies and focusing on everything "Spinning". Dubbing Loops with hair, furs, synthetics and more. Come learn some tips you won't learn anywhere else! Gary is a master behind the vise and you are guaranteed to pick up on some incredible tips.

3PM-4PM - "PRESENTATIONS" by Gary Borger. Come watch an incredible lesson on where fish are, why, and how to present flies properly to take your fishing to the next level. This is one of the best presentations we have ever seen from anyone!

6PM - Raffle Drawing and Close. You do not have to be present to win any of our raffle items for the day. Anyone not present will be contacted and their items shipped to them.

**Throughout the day**

Simms Rep, Justin Sterner will be on hand to help folks fit into new waders properly and discuss all the new items we have available. He can also answer questions about sunglasses and lens color choice for all the waters you may hit this season.

Sage, Redington, Rio, and Fishpond Rep Bill Dawson will be on hand for folks to test cast our Sage rod lineup and answer any questions about new gear, lines, leaders, tippet, packs, vests and luggage.

Dusty Wissmath will be on hand for folks looking to test cast SCOTT FLY RODS! That's right folks, Mossy Creek will be VA's newest Scott Rod dealer. Dusty is an excellent instructor so get some casting tips!

Tom Sadler will be available all day giving Tenkara Demos and helping folks with questions concerning rigging, knots, presentation, flies, ect.

Don't forget we will be serving our famous BBQ around 11:30. First come first serve on the food until it is gone!


Anyone who makes a purchase of $50 or more will automatically be entered into our raffle drawing on Saturday. Can't make the event? Call in or place an order online for $50 or more and we will enter you in to win!

Check out the list below!

-ORVIS HELIOS 2 10' 4 weight! $795.00 Retail Value

-SAGE MUSKY FLY ROD AND FLY LINE! This isn't the regular PMP rod folks! This is a HOT off the press new age musky rod! PRICELESS value as it isn't even on the market yet!

-SIMMS RIVERTEK BOA BOOT FELT- $179.95 -REDINGTON RISE FLY REEL- Redington's most popular and best selling large arbor reel! $170-$199

-SMITH OPTICS SUNGLASSES - The BEST fishing glasses from the best company in the industry! $150-$200

-SIMMS HYALITE RAIN JACKET- Need a jacket to wear ALL of the time? This jacket is excellent on the water or walking to the pub! $159.95

-RIO PERCEPTION FLY LINE- Another new hot off the press line from RIO!

-FISHPOND TECH VEST- Vests and Packs from the industry's best manufacturer! $150.00

-MONTANA FLY COMPANY- We have boxes, flasks, forceps, accessories, and more! Over a dozen great items from MFC!

1 ticket per person only on sales over $50.00. Winners will receive a phone call for shipping details. Items will be shipped FREE from Mossy Creek.

10th Year Open House!


If you missed the event last weekend, then come visit the shop on our BIGGEST day in 10 years. 100's of pounds of our famous BBQ will be smoked with all the fixin's, sides and drinks. Gary Borger will lead the day with presentations book signings, casting tips and more. We will have regional fly tiers busy spinning their favorite patterns all day. Our company representatives from Orvis, Simms, Sage, Fishpond, Rio, Hatch, Cheeky, and more will be on hand to answer any gear questions you may have. We will post a detailed schedule of events and raffle items next week!

Gary Borger


Join us Sunday, March 24, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing is bringing a rare event to Virginia!

On Sunday, March 24th from 9AM until 5PM, big fish hunters Kelly Galloup and Brad Bohen will be on hand tying flies and giving presentations about throwing big flies to big meat eating fish! We may need to throw up the chicken wire, barded wire, and throw sawdust on the floor for this event folks. You can be sure to have an enjoyable and entertaining time at the shop. This event is FREE to all. We will be serving beverages, hot dogs, and burgers(while they last). A detailed schedule of the days events will be posted online soon and in our next newsletter.

Kelly Galloup - Kelly started his fly fishing career at the age of 13, tying flies for the local tackle shop. He started guiding at the age of 16 and is still guiding to this day; well lots of years later. He owned the Troutsman fly shop in Northern Michigan for 20 years. He sold the Troutsman and moved to Montana where he and his wife Penny bought the Slide Inn lodge on the banks of the Madison River. Kelly is known for hit ability to target and catch giant trout in western waters. His tactics have revolutionized the fly fishing world. His presentations will open your mind allowing you to take your fishing to the next level.

Brad Bohen -

Brad Bohen grew up a fishy kid in a fishy town. Hudson, WI on the St. Croix was a Huck Finn-like paradise in the 1970's and 1980's providing all kinds of warm and cold water fishing options to a kid with a bike and a wandering, fish-filled mind. Fly fishing dovetailed well into the whatever-and-whenever fishing attitude that has driven Brad's angling passion to a full-time career; angling, outfitting and communicating the fishing lifestyle. When not guiding or fishing, Brad is on the road collecting new members to his "tribe" of followers. He has established his reputation as an authority on catching musky on flies as well as other large predatory freshwater fish. Make sure you come see Brad one last time before he heads north for the upcoming season!

Kelly will be giving his nymphing by numbers presentation in the morning and his streamer presentation in the afternoon. Brad Bohen will be holding a predator fishing Q & A session in the afternoon. Both will be tying flies and mingling with the crowd for the rest of the day! Come be a part of history as these 2 guys change the way folks look at their favorite waters!

Mossy Creek

There have been a lot of great stream restoration jobs going on around the Valley the past couple of years.  Many of theses projects are due to the efforts of Trout Unlimited.

A few years ago the Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited hired a full time Home Waters initiative coordinator for the northwestern part of the state, Seth Coffman. His main job has been to organize TU chapters, prioritize projects, apply for funding, and see these projects through.  In my opinion he has done an amazing job.

That is the reason I contacted Seth about Mossy Creek.  I live on Mossy, and have seen first hand the problems with siltation, erosion, and loss of habitat on the creek. Seth agreed that Mossy was long over due for some repairs.

The location of my house today was under water for over 200 years.  The Mossy Creek dam still stands just a few hundred yards downstream.  One reason that the banks are in such bad shape here is because there was so much silt that backed up behind the dam.  When the lake was drained more than 80 years ago, the creek cut down through the silt. Agricultural use and floods have also contributed to bank problems all along the creek.

Seth applied for money to remove the dam, and restore about a third of a mile of Mossy. We were delighted to hear about a year ago that we received the money that we needed. The project is set to start this spring.

The stretch being restored is at the lower parking area on Mossy near route 42.  This stretch of water has been open to the public for over 30 years and will affect 3 properties.

I encourage anyone who has never seen a job like this done to check it out when it gets started over the next few weeks.  The creek will be narrowed, deepened, banks sloped back, habitat added and vegetation planted.  This job will benefit the trout, the creek, and you.

As soon as we know the date that they are too break ground I will post it on the blog and website.

If you happen to see Seth on the creek, make sure you tell him what a great job he is doing.

Happy Fishing,

2013 Tenkara Summit

tenkara usa

This year's summit is hosted by Tenkara USA and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Harrisonburg, VA, on May 11 and 12, 2013.



DAY 1 - May 11, 2013 - $25 for event and lunch
Location: Holiday Inn Harrisonburg - 1400 East Market Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

9AM - 5PM: Main event - presentations, casting and tying demos, and more.
6PM - 10PM: Tenkara Social, evening with band and party at hotel

DAY 2 - May 12, 2013 - $75 for lunch and guided afternoon clinics.
Location: Riven Rock Park, 6 Last Left Lane, Hinton, VA 22831 (Park information)

Accommodation: We have a block of rooms available at the Holiday Inn in Harrisonburg. We encourage you to stay there so you can enjoy the tenkara party that evening.

Room rates have been negotiated for $89. To book a room please call 540-433-2521 and tell operator you'd like to book rooms under "Tenkara Summit 2013" room block. Or visit this site enter dates, and group code TSB.

Please note the last day for reservations under the room block is Friday, April 26th, 2013. For camping locations, please see the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing website more information.

We will be posting updates, so check back.

We look forward to seeing you at the summit!

A Guide's Spring Checklist

It seems as though the last few winters have been shorter and milder, but that hasn't changed the fact that anglers are off the water for extended periods of time. It is easy to lose touch with your gear through the holidays and the cold season.

Maybe you weren't willing to give up on your fall season, and thought you had a few more trips left.  Maybe you have to pack the vest and waders into the attic to make room for the skis and winter clothes.  Regardless of the condition in which you left your gear in the fall, now is the time to get it into working order.  It is mid February, and although it is hard to believe, we are only a few weeks away from the first major hatches of the year.

I have been guiding now for over ten years, and know the importance of organization and preparedness, for successful fishing.  Here are a few things on my checklist that may help you be ready to hit the water even earlier this year.

Let's start with waders, because it is still cold out there, and we don't want to start the season with hypothermia.  A great way to check for leaks in your waders, besides getting wet, is to go into a completely dark room and work a flashlight all through your waders.  If light makes it through so will water. Then it will be time to break out the aqua seal.

Next let's check our rods.  Rods are fairly maintenance free.  Once a year I will apply ferrel wax to all of the male ferrules.  This will allow you to put the rod together and take them apart easier, and reduce breakage.

Reels are fairly maintenance free as well.  Remove your spool and clean out any sand or dirt, and then lubricate your reel if needed.  Most reels benefit from lubricating at least once a year depending on usage.

Fly line is probably the most neglected piece of equipment.  There are many great products from Rio as well as Loon that will help you clean, and slicken your line.  A clean slick line can completely change your cast.  It is also important to recognize when your line is dead. Some anglers just don't know when to say goodbye, but these lines do have a shelf life.

Now it's time to dive into the vest.  Leaders and tippets sometimes have expiration dates, but if they don't do some inspecting.  If they are frayed, turned yellow, are cracked, or can be broken by hand much easier than they should, then dump them.  Guide pet peeve number one is losing the biggest fish of your life over shoddy tippet.

Guide pet peeve number two is losing the biggest fish of your life over dull hooks.  Inspect your flies.  Ditch rusty, unravelling, or chewed up flies.  Grab your hook hone and go to work on those dull hooks. There are still a number of great tying days left so make a list of what your box is missing and get to work.

Some of the must haves in my vest are floatant, desiccant, split shot, and strike indicators.  Checking these now, and not after you have driven two hours, and hiked in an hour is a pretty simple idea.  However we all get excited enough to fly to the stream on that first 75 degree day without thinking.

One last thing, don't forget to pay the man.  Fishing licenses in Virginia are good for one year from the date of purchase.  That means everyone has a different date to remember. There are trout stamps, national forest stamps, and other add ons that you may need, like your Mossy Creek permit.

Head to the stream organized, safe, dry, and legal in 2013, and I hope to see you out there.

Happy fishing!



Gary Borger is one of the world's foremost fly fishing educators. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin Campus in Wausau. He has been a fly fisher since 1955, and since 1972 has taught classes and lectured internationally on all aspects of fly fishing for trout and salmon. Gary is one of the great ambassadors of fly fishing and though his accomplishments are too long to list, you can read hisb BIOGRAPHY HERE.


The Top Ten Fly Fishing Destinations in the World!

Please join us this Sunday, Jan. 20th, from 12 noon until 2pm for great presentation by Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures; "The Top Ten Fly Fishing Destinations in the World!"

Jim's presentation will NOT conflict with the NFL playoff games starting at 3pm and 6:30pm! His program will last about 45 minutes and there will be plenty of time for questions afterwards. This time frame should allow for folks to go to church and make the program and also not miss the playoff games….no excuses!

Jim's talk will be an overview of the most fantastic fly fishing destinations on the planet, including both fresh and saltwater locations. If you've ever needed a reason to refine or create your lifetime "angling bucket list," then this is a program that you will definitely want to check out!  Great photography from all around the world of fly fishing, and in-depth fishing information and specifics on fisheries that include Alaska, the Bahamas, Belize, the Seychelles, Kamchatka, Argentina, Chile, the Yucatan, Venezuela and more.

Founder and Director of Operations for Bozeman, Montana-based Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures (www.yellowdogflyfishing.com), Jim began working in the fly fishing industry at the age of 14. Over the years, he has worked as a guide, sales rep, travel coordinator, and as past National Sales Manager for Scientific Anglers. He has guided extensively in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon, and has fished throughout the world in over 25 different countries. In 2000, Jim founded Yellow Dog, a fly fishing booking company that has grown to become one of the largest entities in the fishing travel business. As Yellow Dog's Director of Operations, Jim spends a lot of time scouting and researching destinations in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Aside from his ongoing work with Yellow Dog, Jim is also the co-founder and executive producer for Confluence Films, a film production company that released the fly fishing movies DRIFT (2008), RISE (2009) and CONNECT (2011). Confluence is currently at work on their new film, WAYPOINTS

Fast Start for 2013

2012 had been an incredible year for our shop and we want to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support that has kept us growing for the past 10 years!

We are currently packing our 2013 schedule with great events, programs, expanded guide services, and new trade shows! Be sure to mark your calendars, watch our website, blog, and social media outlets for updates.

We will kick the year off with a great program on Sunday, January 20th with a visit and presentation from Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Travel owner JIM KLUG. Plan on a wonderful presentation on some of the worlds most remote and hardcore fishing destinations starting at 11AM at the shop. Drinks and snacks will be served.

Come check us out at the FLY FISHING SHOWS January 25th, 26th, and 27th at Somerset NJ, February 9th and 10th in Winston Salem NC, and March 1st and 2nd in Lancaster PA! CLICK HERE FOR THE FLY FISHING SHOW SITE!

We will also be attending the National Capital Show in Bethesda MD on Sunday March 10th and the VA Fly Fishing Festival in Waynesboro, VA on April 20-21st.


We are proud to announce that our shop will be hosting the 2013 TENKARA SUMMIT here in Harrisonburg, VA on MAY 11th and 12th! Details will provided once registration opens in January on the TENKARA USA WEBSITE!

Colby is now on the AFFTA advisory board and Tom Sadler is still a chairman on the AFFTA board. As a member of AFFTA, Mossy Creek will once again visit the IFTD show in 2013 in Las Vegas in July to check out the latest and greatest fly fishing products to remain at the forefront of the industry providing the best products and services available!

As our guide services and classes continue to become more popular, we are expanding upon our guides and instructors for the 2013 season. We have had a few guides in training for the last 2 years that will help increase our number of daily bookings. It is looking promising that we will even be bringing a few independent guides into our team for the upcoming season as well. We pride ourselves with having the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and best guides in the industry.

We are constantly enhancing our available private waters and are looking forward to continuing to working with local landowners to open up new exciting fisheries! Peak season weekends are now starting to book for the 2013 season so check your calendars soon to get your trip on the books!

See you on the water in 2013!

Gone Fishin'


Matt Estreich from TV3 Winchester brought a camera crew for his beginner class with Brian.

You can watch it on YouTube here.

Matt did a great job, picked up casting very quickly and enjoyed success on Suzy Q.

If you are interested in learning to fly fish this video gives you a great overview of the classes here at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing.