Fan Mail: Thanks for Guiding Us!

Last week we received a very special thank you note from a client.

"Just wanted to write to say thank you to Jess and the fine folk at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing for such an incredible day of fishing. My brother and I were both celebrating our birthdays which are close, and we won't soon forget the dozens of big 'bows we caught on [withheld by request] and our very first trip to Mossy.

I put up a couple blog posts on our trip on my blog, deadbait, along with pictures. We decided not to name [withheld by request] and just refer to it as Farm Creek out of respect for [withheld by request] privacy. We're looking forward to fishing with you all again this winter.

All the best,


Read Joel's post's Birthday on the Fly Part 1 and Birthday on the Fly Part 2. We think they are excellent!

If you want a chance to fish the "Farm Creek," give the shop a call, 540-434-2444!

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